Steel solid fuel boilers, industrial


The products have certificates of conformity

The warranty period of 24 months of work


Type of boiler КВР400 СТС КВР600 СТС КВР 800 СТС КВР 1000 СТС
Name of the parameter or dimension Value of the parameter or size
Nominal heat output, kW 390 590 780 970
Heated area, with a coefficient of thermal resistance of the building 2.5, м23 3600...4100 5800...6200 7700...8300 9600...10100
9000...10250 14500...15500 19250...20750 24000...25250
Efficiency,% 80...85
The maximum outlet water temperature, °C 95 (if special order 115)
Maximum inlet water temperature, °C 60
Operating pressure of water, not more, MPa 0,3 (if special order 0,6)
The minimum allowable water pressure, MPa 0,15
The amount of water circulating through the boiler, m3 / hour 12 20 25 31
The volume of coolant (water) in the boiler, m3 1,6 1,9 2,3 2,8
Flue gas temperature, °С, not less 160
Boiler weight (without water), kg, not more than 2600 3050 4100 4900
Total dimensions see Fig.1
Network voltage 220В - 50Гц
*Parameters may be different from those set due to product improvement.
Equipment L H X D G K J A1 TxS Ду 1 Ду 2 Ду 3
КВР 400 СТС 1293 2250 2192 1500 2450 1494 400 324 388х960 80 40 80
КВР 600 СТС 1510 2250 2510 1500 2450 1830 400 324 388х960 80 40 80
КВР 800 СТС 1917 2550 2816 1500 2450 2118 400 850 388х960 100 65 80
КВР 1000 СТС 2541 2550 3440 1500 2450 2742 400 850 388х960 100 65 80

The advantages of our solid fuel boilers:

  • availability;
  • use of several types of fuel;
  • low cost of fuel;
  • autonomy;

Today PJSC "Khimmash" offers modern solid fuel boilers that meet the European standards, providing significant savings in energy and do not pollute the environment.

Steel solid fuel boilers series КВР - СТС (steel solid fuel of average power), with manual loading of fuel intended for heating domestic, industrial and other premises, in which is equipped with a central heating system for the preparation and supply of heat for technological needs, for heating water in the hot systems water, using a fuel: wood, wood residues, sawdust and peat pellets, coal etc.

Construction of the furnace maximizes the efficient use of the heat released during the combustion of solid fuels.

Boilers on the technical characteristics are not inferior to European standards and a little superior to boilers of domestic production:

  • High efficiency of 80-85% (depending on the fuel).
  • High quality boiler steel.
  • The heating chamber is made of steel 8 mm thick, which provides the service life of the boiler for at least 20 years.
  • Heat exchanger tubes made of drawn and ironed seamless, thick-walled pipe.
  • Large chamotted combustion chamber, allows for correct organization flue gas depending on the type of fuel.
  • The upper part of the furnace has a high turbulence, due to special feeding secondary air.
  • Dual high quality refractory lining with a high content of AL2O3.
  • Tubular frame and geometry of flue gases duct ensures reduction of cleaning operations.
  • The low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere in accordance with European standards.
  • The boiler is painted mechanically resistant powder paint.
  • Reduced specific heat load in the furnace, which ensures the longevity of the boiler.

Boiler - not a luxury but a means of heating. And if you have mains gas - a very vague or too expensive prospect, and the cost of diesel fuel (which has almost caught up with the price of gasoline 95), as well, and the cost of electricity costs seem exorbitant, one way out - as an energy source for heating buildings, household, industrial and other premises, to use solid fuel, rather you need to buy solid fuel boiler КВР 400-600 СТС - a great choice.