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Solid fuel industrial boilers

Solid fuel industrial boilers from Khimmash, Korosten Chemical Engineering Plant, in Korosten (Ukraine). Wholesale and retail sales.

The main advantages of industrial solid fuel boilers of increased capacity are:

  • mechanized fuel supply
  • high efficiency of 80-88% depending on the type of fuel
    high quality boiler steel
  • heat exchanger tubes are made of seamless, thick-walled, continuously drawn pipes
  • two-stage combustion of pyrolysis gas with fuel gasification on a specialized grate and a wide range of changes in primary/secondary blowing air depending on the type of fuel and the content of carbon monoxide CO by lambda probe
  • a large chamotte combustion chamber allows for proper organization of flue gases depending on the type of fuel
  • upper afterburner chamber with high turbulence due to a special secondary air supply
  • double high-quality refractory lining with a high content of AL203
  • tube frame and geometry of the flue gas flue ensures reduced cleaning operations
  • low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere in accordance with European standards
  • reduced specific heat load in the furnace, which ensures the durability of the boiler
  • possibility of left- and right-hand connection of the fuel supply hopper
  • complex operation of the boiler with both mechanized and manual fuel supply is possible


Products have certificates of conformity!
The warranty period is not less than 24 months.
from the date of commissioning.