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CHIMMASH PJSC more 63 years in the chemical engineering market

The plant's products were produced with the "Quality Mark" and exported to 35 countries around the world
Competitive advantages in the production of chemical engineering.

All products offered by PrJSC HIMMASH comply with European standards (EN 305:1997, EN 13445-1:2021., ISO 9001:2015), as well as certificates of conformity of Ukraine.

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History of our company

In one hundred and fifty kilometers north-west out of Kyiv, on the fabulously beautiful banks of the river Uzh, the oldest Slavic city, the capital of the Drevlian region - Korosten is located.

Founded in 764, the town is rightly proud of not only its centuries-old history, but also its the largest in Right-bank Ukraine modern railway junction, as well as its industry, the PJSC "KOROSTEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PLANT" is one on a flagship between them.

The plant was founded in 1949 as a "TORFMASH" - specialized enterprise for the production of peat-mining machines for the local industry of the Ukrainian SSR.

The first products of the plant were peat combines, peat styling machines, turnouts, tankers, grain car loaders, conveyor dryers, etc.

In 1959, due to the development of chemistry, the plant was reoriented to the production of chemical equipment and reorganized to KOROSTENKHIMMASH. During this period, the plant mastered to produce a heat exchanger, refrigeration, drying, tank, painting equipment. A great work was done to re-equip the plant with a new high-performance machine tool, welding and assembly equipment. In 1965, the construction of the second line of the plant was completed, which greatly expanded the production capacity of the enterprise, and in 1967 for the successes achieved in the work, the plant was given the honorable name "Korosten Plant named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution".

In 1975, with the commissioning of the third plant stage of the Dewar vessel produce shop, the company acquired a complete, modern look.

The products of the plant were manufactured with the "Quality Mark" and were exported to 35 countries of the world, repeatedly presented at exhibitions of the achievement of the national economy of the USSR and were many times awarded with honorary medals. Fulfilling the decision of the Government of Ukraine and proceeding from the requirements of the time, in 1995 the plant was incorporated and was reorganized into the joint-stock company Korosten Chemical Engineering Plant (PJSC Khimmash). Today, having a powerful industrial base, highly skilled personnel of engineers and workers, the plant designs and manufactures the most modern competitive equipment for the chemical, gas-oil refining, food and other industries and for agriculture as well.

The high quality and reliability of our products are evidenced by the fact that the products of the plant are certified for compliance with the State Standards of Russian Federation. There are permits of the Ukrainian Gosnadzorohrantrud (State labor protection supervision department of Ukraine), the Russian Gosgortekhnadzor (StateTechnical & Mining Inspectorate) and the Belarusian Promatomnadzor (State labor protection supervision department of Belarus) for the right to design, manufacture and supply equipment working under pressure. The quality management system of the plant is certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2009. A significant part of the products manufactured by the plant is exported to foreign countries such as: Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic states and the CIS countries.

The enterprise production program includes:


heat exchangers, condensers, refrigerators and evaporators for the oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and other industries.

Heat exchangers are manufactured in the following types:

  • with fixed tube sheets;
  • with floating heads;
  • U-shaped tubes;
  • with wavy temperature compensators;
  • pipe in pipe.

The proposed supply of heat exchange equipment includes the full range of varieties horizontal and vertical devices with a diameter from 159 mm (6,26 inch) to 2000 mm (78,7 inch), and length from 1000 to 12000 mm, and various material we use from carbon to chrome-nickel-molybdenum and titanium.

The plant also repairs damaged heat exchangers, manufactures tube bundles - as elements of heat exchangers with a floating head or with U-shaped tubes.


The plant was the first in Ukraine who have mastered producing of high-performance air-cooling apparatuses (ABO) for the oil refining, petrochemical, gas transportation and other industries, which in their operational characteristics correspond to the best foreign models.

ABO are available in the following types:

  • horizontal (АВГ)
  • zigzag (АВЗ)
  • low flow (АВМ)

Using of Bi-metal extruded fin tubes (ribbing factors - 9; 14; 20) make it possible to manufacture ABO with a heat exchange surface from 100 (АВМ) to 12600 (АВЗ) m2.

Working surface of apparatus for the can be made of carbon, heat-resistant or corrosion-resistant steel, as well as brass and titanium.

ABOs are equipped with “tornado” or “super typhoon” fans type impeller, diffusers, regulating louvers. Before being sent to the consumer, in a specially equipped plant’s shop, a control assembly and verification of the operation of the fan of ABO devices is carried out, which ensures the quality of installation and the shortest possible time to start up products for the customer. The plant accepts orders for the manufacture of individual and repair of old sections of ABO, as well as the manufacture of finned pipes.


A significant amount in the production of the plant are capacitors, evaporators, receivers, liquid separators, oil separators, intermediate vessels and other equipment for ammonia refrigeration units. The equipment is a high quality and has a stable demand on market of refrigeration systems.


The plant has extensive experience in the manufacture of ball valves (ШK) used as shut-off devices on pipelines transporting gaseous or liquid products under pressure.

By purpose cranes are made:

ШK (ShK) for gas pipelines, surface and underground versions, diameter 50 to 300 mm pressure 8.0 and 16.0 MPa, northern and normal climatic modification.

ШK (ShK) for water, steam, gas, oil products, diameter 50; 80; 100 mm

pressure is 1.6 MPa.

ШK (ShK) for ammonia pipe diameter 15; 50; 100 mm pressure - 5.0; 10.0; 14.0 MPa.


The plant has a modern unique shop for the production of cryogenic vessels (Dewar vessels).

The list of cryogenic equipment includes:

  • Dewar Vessels agricultural (SDS) with volumes from 3 to 30 liters for storage and bio products transportation in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -1960C;
  • Cryogenic vessels (SC) with volumes from 6 to 40 liters for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon;
  • Bio-products storage (HB-02) with a volume of 240 liters, intended for long-term storage of bio products in a liquid nitrogen environment;
  • Cryogenic vessels (KS-40) with a volume of 40 liters, intended for technological operations to freeze bio products in a liquid nitrogen environment;
  • Cryogenic vessels used in medicine; nitrogen tanks for refrigerators.


Capacitive equipment is designed to work in technological processes of petrochemical, gas processing, food and other industries, as well as for storage of various products.
It is designed to work under pressure (to 80 ATM), as well as to be filled, with a capacity from 0,1 to 50 m3 and above.
Capacitive equipment is available in horizontal and vertical versions, with external or internal heating, covered external thermal insulation.
Can be made of carbon, low alloy or stainless steel. Tanks can be made on the basis of specific customer requirements.


We produce columnar equipment designed for mass transfer processes in the petroleum and chemical industries.
Column equipment are made of different types:
cap, mesh, nozzle; in carbon steel and stainless mat material performance.



Household heating boilers, with a capacity of 7 to 20 kW from the flue gases through the chimney and parapet type are used for heating, buildings, detached houses, boilers for solid fuel, output power of 100 to 1500 kW.

Boiler efficiency not less than 92%.

Equipped with safety system "ЕVРЮ51Т" (Italy), SABC.