Results of activities and achievements in 2023

Results of activities and achievements in 2023
Happy New Year 2024!

We believe that the new year will bring even more achievements, warm meetings and great opportunities for cooperation. Let every day be full of smiles, and every project bring success and recognition.

Official offer for leasing and renting T11 tank containers

Official offer for leasing and renting T11 tank containers
The 20-foot T11 tank container has been certified by the Ukrainian Shipping Register.

Certificate for a tank container T11, Shipping Register of Ukraine
Certificate of recognition by the Shipping Register of Ukraine

It is hereby designated that PJSC "KHIMMASH", Korosten. Korosten is recognized by the Shipping Register of Ukraine as an enterprise that performs the works specified in the Appendix to this Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Certificate of recognition by the Shipping Register of Ukraine

We manufacture flagpoles with a height of 10 to 100 meters according to individual orders


PJSC "Khimmash" is constantly working on the development of the enterprise, the creation of new jobs, and the search for new customers, because the customer chooses the manufacturer that is most attractive to him.

To meet the company's own needs, Khimmash PJSC put into operation a new solar power plant.

The new solar power plant of the first stage with a capacity of 280.8 kW has been put into operation. The company "Podilskyi Energoconsulting" LLC of the "KNESS" group of companies acted as the general contractor

PJSC "Khimmash" manufactures T11 tank containers for light petroleum products and oils

PJSC "Khimmash" manufactures large-sized containers for construction waste from 8m3 to 20m3

PJSC "Khimmash" is steadily developing and constantly improving its financial indicators, constantly expanding its production capacity and working on increasing the range and improving the quality of finished products

PJSC "Khimmash" manufactures containers for sea transportation


PJSC "Khimmash", an authoritative and reliable domestic manufacturer of equipment, invites design organizations and institutes engaged in the development of design and estimate documentation for chemical, gas and oil processing, food and other branches of industry and agriculture to cooperate.

The leading company in Ukraine in the production of equipment for the chemical, oil and gas processing industry

The plant's products are manufactured with the "Mark of Quality" and were exported to 35 countries around the world. Implementing the decision of the Government of Ukraine

ABO devices

We offer highly efficient air-cooling devices (AVO): low-flow AVMs, horizontal AVGs, Zigzag-like AVZs, designed for cooling air flows of various media in technological processes in the oil refining, gas and other industries with a working pressure up to 160 kgf / cm2.


PJSC "KHIMMASH" is more than 63 years in the market of chemical engineering

Himmash "Korosten Chemical Engineering Plant" specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of
- heat exchange, column, capacitive, drying and other equipment for chemical, petrochemical production, thermal power plants
- ammonia evaporators and condensers, receivers and other equipment for refrigeration machines and installations;
- ball valves DN 50-100-150-200-300, Ru 80-160 of any design for gas pipelines;
- furnaces for oil heating;
- economizers for G-400 and G-420 boilers for heat recovery of flue gases;
- cryogenic vessels SK and SDS;
- refrigeration machines and heat pumps and their components.
Since 1995, the plant has been producing air-cooled devices AVO. Here you can not only order new ones, but also repair old sections of ABO, which will save your money.
The equipment is made of carbon, low-alloy, high-alloy and heat-resistant steels, as well as copper, brass and titanium.
Having highly qualified personnel of designers, technologists, welders, unique and universal equipment of boiler-welding and metalworking production, the plant can fulfill any order with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

PJSC "KhIMMASH" has been in the chemical engineering market for over 63 years

Products of the plant were manufactured with the "Quality Mark" and exported to 35 countries

Competitive advantages in the manufacture of chemical engineering.

All products offered by PJSC KHIMMASH comply with European standards (EN 305:1997, EN 13445-1:2021, ISO 9001:2015) and have certificates of conformity of Ukraine.

Presentation of PJSC "KHIMMASH"
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Catalog of products

Products that demonstrate our expertise in the chemical industry

All products offered by PJSC KHIMMASH meet European standards (EN 305:1997, EN 13445-1:2021., ISO 9001:2015), and also have certificates of conformity of Ukraine.

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The history of the development and formation of the company


In one hundred and fifty kilometers north-west out of Kyiv, on the fabulously beautiful banks of the river Uzh, the oldest Slavic city, the capital of the Drevlian region - Korosten is located.

Founded in 764, the town is rightly proud of not only its centuries-old history, but also its the largest in Right-bank Ukraine modern railway junction, as well as its industry, the PJSC "KOROSTEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PLANT" is one on a flagship between them.

The plant was founded in 1949 as a "TORFMASH" - specialized enterprise for the production of peat-mining machines for the local industry of the Ukrainian SSR.

The first products of the plant were peat combines, peat styling machines, turnouts, tankers, grain car loaders, conveyor dryers, etc.


In 1959, due to the development of chemistry, the plant was reoriented to the production of chemical equipment and reorganized to KOROSTENKHIMMASH. During this period, the plant mastered to produce a heat exchanger, refrigeration, drying, tank, painting equipment. A great work was done to re-equip the plant with a new high-performance machine tool, welding and assembly equipment.


In 1965, the construction of the second line of the plant was completed, which greatly expanded the production capacity of the enterprise, and in 1967 for the successes achieved in the work, the plant was given the honorable name "Korosten Plant named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution".


In 1975, with the commissioning of the third plant stage of the Dewar vessel produce shop, the company acquired a complete, modern look.


In 2023, Khimmash PJSC will introduce the production of T11 tank containers for the transportation of light petroleum products and oils. Cylindrical tanks for semi-trailers for light petroleum products and liquefied gas, modular gas stations, containers for sea transportation from 5 to 40 feet.

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