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Height, m Flag size, m Lift mechanism Anchors are nested Weight, kg (maximum)
30 9x6 electric car lift M42-24 pcs - 2500 mm 8900 kg
50 12x8 electric car lift M42-24 pcs - 2500 mm 16200 kg
75 19x12.5 electric car lift M42-32 pcs - 2500 mm 22500 kg
100 24x16 electric car lift M42-32 pcs - 2500 mm 28000 kg
Features of the flagpole.

Flagstaff are made of sheet steel. Flagpole
consists of sections with the upper flange on which it is installed Playground for installing the flag of the flag,
Lightning receiver and equipment of light-signal lights. The rise-descent of the flag is carried out on the winners by means of an automobile lifter with an electric motor.
Every mast-flagpole based on special climatic conditions and wind loads, order requirements calculated individually.

Flagpack coating.

All surfaces of the flagpole are protected from the influence of aggressive surrounding environments in the operating zone by hot galvanizing or zinc coating.
The thickness of the coating - from 70 to 120 microns, which allows operate the product within 25-30 years without recovery protective coating.
In addition, the outer surface of the flagpoles can be processed Painfood coating - color is conditioned when ordering (RAL).

Method of installation - Mounting of the flagpole.

The Flagpack installation is carried out on a reinforced concrete basis (Anchor mortgage -findament).
The foundation consists of a mortgage metallic element with plenty of pins and reinforced concrete.
The basic parameters of the foundation are determined by the calculation and Depending on the operating zone of supports and soil parameters