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Capacitive equipment

Capacitive equipment

Welded capacitive equipment intended for receiving, storing and dispensing of liquids and gases. They are made of carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, titanium, special steels and alloys by applying internal coatings.


Equipment Function
Vertical drainage receiver
РДВ - 1,5
РДВ - 2,5
РДВ - 3,5
РДВ - 5
Designed for the temporary intake of liquid refrigerant (ammonia) from cooling devices and refrigeration units
Horizontal drainage receiver
РД - 0,75
РД - 1,5
РД - 2,5
РД - 3,5
РД - 5
Designed to drain the liquid ammonia from refrigeration systems for general industrial use
Linear drain receiver
РЛД - 2,0
РЛД - 4,0
РЛД - 8,0
РЛД - 12,0
For the removal of condensed refrigerant (ammonia) from the condenser and may be used for storing liquid ammonia
Compound-circulating receiver
РКЦ - 2.0Р
РКЦ - 4,0
РКЦ - 8,0
РКЦ - 12,5
РКЦ -20,0
It is used as an intermediate vessel with complete subcooling of liquid ammonia, and also as a circulating vessel for pumping liquid ammonia to the evaporative apparatus of the intermediate pressure side as part of two-stage stationary refrigeration units
Circulating-protective receiver
РЦЗ - 2,0
РЦЗ - 4,0
РЦЗ - 8,0
РЦЗ - 12,5
РЦЗ - 20,0
They are designed to store the refrigerant inventory in order to ensure normal operation of the refrigeration unit, and for receiving refrigerant ejection in case of its batteries
Liquid separator
Designed to separate the liquid phase from the vapor-liquid mixture of ammonia in order to protect the compressor from hydraulic shocks, from work on the wet course, and are used in refrigeration systems for general industrial use capacity from 116 to 1400 kW, using ammonia and refrigerants
Vertical oil separators
Designed to separate the oil entrained in refrigerant vapor from the compressor in order to avoid large quantities of it entering the heat exchangers
Intermediate vessel
Designed for complete intercooling the refrigerant vapor after the low-stage compression, the super cooling liquid before throttling, as well as play a role liquid separator
Oil separator
Designed for separating oil entrained refrigerant vapor from the compressor in order to avoid getting it in large quantities in the heat exchangers

Capacitive cylindrical devices for gas and liquid media (hereinafter referred to as devices) with nominal volumes from 2 to 50 m3, with conditional pressures from 0.8 to 2.5 MPa (from 8 to 25 kgf/cm2) and medium temperature from minus 60 up to 200° C, are used in technological installations of the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil and gas industries.

The devices are not intended for storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gases in warehouse conditions.
The harmfulness of the substances contained in the media must be no more than hazard class 2
GOST 12. 1.007-76.

The liquid must have a density of no more than 1000 kg/m3, a temperature not exceeding the boiling point of the liquid at operating pressure, and a temperature not exceeding that at which the vapor elasticity of the liquid may exceed the operating pressure.
The devices are intended for installation in up to V geographical areas, including high-speed wind pressure, seismicity up to 8 points, including
SNiP 2.01.07-85 and SNiP II-7-81.

The devices are used in areas with a moderate, cold and tropical climate. Climatic performance of devices when delivered to areas with moderate or severe weather
with a cold climate - UHL1, with a tropical climate - T1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Изготавливаются три типа аппаратов:

Type 1 - horizontal for liquid media, fig. 7.1;
Type 2 - vertical for liquid media, fig. 7.2;
Type 3 - vertical for gas environments, Fig. 7.3.