Official offer for leasing and renting T11 tank containers | PJSC "KHIMMASH"

Official offer for leasing and renting T11 tank containers


PJSC Khimmash announces the availability of leasing and rental of high-quality T11 tank containers designed for the transportation of light oils and oils.

This offer allows our customers to get access to high-quality and reliable containers without worrying about high initial costs.

About the T11 tank container:

The T11 tank container is a specialized 20-foot capacity container designed for the transportation of various liquid and gaseous substances. Each container is manufactured using the most advanced technologies and meets the highest quality standards. Its external metal frame performs a dual function - it provides strength and protects the container from mechanical damage. In addition, this frame helps to increase the transportability of the container.

The T11 tank container is equipped with special drain valves for unloading under pressure or by gravity. These valves make the unloading process safe and efficient.

Advantages of leasing and renting:

Financing efficiency: Leasing allows you to spread the costs over a long period, reducing financial burdens.
Financial benefits: Leasing costs can be included in your company's expense account, which can be a tax benefit.
Flexibility: Leasing is suitable for temporary projects as well as for those who wish to test and evaluate a container before purchasing.

PJSC Khimmash proudly adheres to the International Convention for Safe Containers and is tested in accordance with the Rules of the Shipping Register of Ukraine. We guarantee the high quality of our products and delivery throughout Ukraine.

Let your business become even more successful and efficient with the availability of T11 tank containers from PJSC Khimmash.

Contact us to learn more about leasing and rental opportunities, and we are ready to provide you with the best solutions for your business.