In the 1st quarter of 2021 | PJSC "KHIMMASH"

In the 1st quarter of 2021


In the first quarter of 2021 PJSC "Khimmash"

Shipped for the Reconstruction of the first stage of the compressed gas of the Krasnodonetsk compressor station Kharkov region, Balakleysky district, with. Gas gun type 1AVG-14.6-Zh-2.5-B1-P9/6-1-12 U40 (reserve) in the amount of 1 pc. and a block of three devices of the type 1AVG-14.6-Zh-2.5-B1-P9 / 6-1-12 U 40 (set of 2 workers + 1 reserve) in the amount of 2 blocks.